Best Amazon FBA Research Tool Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout (2024): Why Helium 10 Wins

As an Amazon FBA seller, you wear many hats. You’re a product researcher, a sourcing specialist, a marketing guru, and a customer services rep, all rolled into one. The daily grind can be overwhelming, but having the right Amazon tools by your side really does make all the difference.

When it comes to streamlining your workflow and maximizing profits, two software giants come to mind: Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout. Both offer valuable features to help you navigate the ever-evolving Amazon landscape, but after years of using both platforms, I’ve come to a clear conclusion: Helium 10 takes the crown (especially for European sellers).

Here’s why Helium 10 holds a special place in my Amazon FBA heart: It goes beyond what other product research and keyword analysis tools offer, and the team are constantly innovating and releasing new tools. In addition to its sales snapshot (Xray) and keyword tools (Magnet & Cerebro), it offers plenty of other features like the Alibaba Supplier Finder and the Demand Analyzer. Basically.. Helium 10 helps every new & existing Amazon seller to find product ideas, to source them, and then to launch them on the Amazon platform with ease.

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Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: What Helium 10 has that Jungle Scout doesn’t

Helium 10 has a nice suite of features that go way beyond Jungle Scout’s offerings. Here’s a breakdown of some of the game-changers that make Helium 10 my go-to tool (and this list is contantly expanding!):

  • Alibaba Supplier Finder: Sourcing is crucial for FBA. Helium 10 cuts through the chase by providing direct links to Alibaba listings right from any Amazon product page. Rather than head to Ali Baba to search for suppliers, you literally click the ‘supplier’ button from the Chrome Extension. This saves you tons of time and effort in finding potential suppliers for your chosen product.
  • Demand Analyzer (Coming Soon!): Imagine being able to analyze Amazon demand for keywords while browsing anywhere on the web, be it Alibaba, eBay, or even a random blog. This (currently under maintenance) Helium 10 tool will be a game-changer, allowing you to assess product viability on the fly.
  • Review Insights: Ever wondered what customers are really saying about a product? Helium 10’s Review Insights tool dives deep, showing you the review history, allowing downloads for analysis, and even filtering by variation. Plus, you can see the most frequently mentioned phrases in reviews, giving you invaluable customer sentiment data.
  • Xray Keywords: This is a favorite tool of mine. In fact, I even wrote an article that explained how to use it to your advantage: (My Top Helium 10 Tip)). Helium 10’s Xray Keywords function is like a secret weapon. It unveils the top keywords likely driving sales for products on any Amazon search result page or product listing. This goldmine of information helps you identify high-converting keywords to target in your own listings, as well as possible ways you can stand out from the crowd.
  • Inventory Levels: Stay ahead of the competition by knowing exactly how much stock your competitors have left. Helium 10 displays inventory levels right on the Amazon product page, giving you a strategic edge.
  • ASIN Grabber: Need product information in a flash? Helium 10’s ASIN Grabber lets you download all the essential details from the first two pages of any Amazon search with a single click. This saves you hours of manual data collection.
  • Search Expander: Stuck for keywords? Helium 10’s Search Expander comes to the rescue. Simply type a seed keyword into the Amazon search bar, and this feature will generate a list of relevant Amazon-suggested keywords and long-tail variations.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Who has the better Chrome Extension?

Both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 have Chrome Extensions that are super easy to use, and they’re what you’ll be using when you want to see how many sales certain products are making, to assess product niches and lots more.

Having used both since 2018, I’ll be honest – they’re both pretty good. Quick to load, don’t take up too much memory, and pretty intuitive.

However, it’s Helium 10 that takes the crown as they’ve crammed in loads of extra tools & features, compared to the Jungle Scout offering which is much more simplistic (only really showing the equivalent of Helium 10’s X-Ray Tool) and hasn’t really changed much since I first started to use it in 2018.

Whilst Helium 10’s Extension initially started off looking like Jungle Scout’s, over the years its evolved into an absolute beast that has loads under its hood. You can use it to see how much money certain products are making on Amazon, to analyze reviews, estimate profitability, and honestly so much more.

After using Helium 10’s Chrome Extension, going back to Jungle Scout’s does feel a bit ‘basic’, but on the plus side it is slightly quicker to load (I guess as there aren’t as many features!).

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Data Accuracy

As an upcoming Amazon FBA seller – one thing that you absolutely need to get right is DATA. Understanding how many sales your product is likely to make is going to impact how many units you purchase, and whether you have the right budget to compete with the big boys.

There’s no two ways about it – data accuracy is VERY important to us Amazon sellers. And while both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 do provide reliable data, in my experience (and when checking against my own sales) Helium 10 offers a very slight edge in accuracy. When you combine this fact with how many tools you get as a Helium 10 subscriber, it makes choosing them a no brainer.

During extensive tests, a study of the two tools found the following:

Helium 10: Estimates 38.2% of product sales perfectly with a margin of error of 22 units above or below actual sales.

Jungle Scout: Estimates 29.5% of product sales perfectly with a margin of error of 35 units above or below actual sales.

Neither tool is ever going to be 100% correct given the limited information on product sales that Amazon publishes, so the more accurate the tool, the better. And in this case, H10 wins again.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: A European Advantage

While both platforms offer value to global sellers, in my experience Helium 10 caters particularly well to European sellers. Its Chrome extension integrates seamlessly with European Amazon marketplaces, giving you crucial data and insights specific to your region, particularly around sales demand, listing quality, and keywords. Jungle Scout lacked on the latter, and I generally found that they’re more geared towards US sellers.

helium 10 vs jungle scout

The Final Verdict: Why Helium 10 Takes The Crown

Helium 10’s extensive toolkit, from sales snapshots to Alibaba sourcing to in-depth review analysis and competitor inventory tracking, has without a doubt helped me to build my 7-figure Amazon FBA business. There are so many tools and features included that provided you know what you’re doing, it’s hard to go wrong when it comes to analysing decent product opportunities.

Without a doubt, Jungle Scout is also a good contender, but because of the constantly evolving features, and catering to European selers, Helium 10 takes the crown for me. It’s the one tool I can’t imagine running my FBA business without.

Ready to take your Amazon FBA game to the next level? Try Helium 10 today and see the difference!

P.S. Remember, this is just a glimpse of the many features Helium 10 offers. Head over to their website to explore the full range of tools and see how they can help you dominate the Amazon FBA landscape.

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