How To Make £50,000 A Month With Amazon FBA

In February of this year I launched a brand new Amazon FBA product, and within 3 months of selling it sold over 3,000 units, generating me £70,000 of revenues and £14,000 of profit!

March 2022 Results – first time hitting £100k!

Some may have considered the niche that I launched my Amazon FBA product in to be saturated, but by follow 4 specific techniques, I was able to grab the customers attention and compel them to buy from me instead of others. Here’s what I did.


Building a strong brand is becoming more and more important in determining the level of success that you’re able to achieve with Amazon FBA. And when I say strong brand, I’m not just talking about having a good logo, I’m talking about your messaging and how you want your customers to feel before and after they purchase your product.

When I looked through all of my competition, I could see that branding wasn’t being done particularly well – the names all sounded Chinese and made up, and beyond a poorly made logo on each image, that was the extent of it.

So when putting together my listing, packaging, and follow up emails, I ensured that I told a story about my brand, how it was started out of a passion for the product, and what it stood for, which in my case was quality.

Building a brand story for your Amazon FBA product helps the customer to resonate with you, especially if they have the same interests, resulting in them being more likely to buy. Your brand’s story needs to be consistent across every step of the customer journey – so the listing, the packaging, follow up emails and so on- which all helps to ensure the customer remembers and recommends you, and also allows you to stand out stand out versus the sea of Chinese competitors who just can’t compete when it comes to knowing how to connect with the consumer.


If you want to get your Amazon FBA product off to a flying start, then standing out from the crowd by differentiating is critical. This can be done a number of ways such as improving upon the existing product offer and listing, but the route that I took in order to differentiate was offering a product design that wasn’t available on Amazon.

 There are a number of ways that you can do this – firstly by just asking suppliers for their product catalogues and scouting through the selection, or, an even better way, is by asking them what new product models they have coming up, and their release date. You can then get ahead of the competition by ordering a sample as soon as possible, evaluating its quality, and then placing your order. Doing this will give you a huge head start, which will allow you to stand out to customers, start getting sales in, and building your reviews before others have even learnt that your product is available.


Having an Amazon FBA product ad that that communicates the benefits of the product is imperative. One key mistake that a lot of beginners make is to spend all of their money on stock, and then have nothing left over for the product  listing itself, which results in the product looking unprofessional and not compelling or differentiated at all. To avoid this happening,  I ensured that my product listing smashed the competition in every area possible by looking at the quality of what was already available, and taking inspiration from the things that I liked, and making a point of improving upon the things that I disliked.

Above all, I made sure my product images looked flawless and clearly communicated what was different about me and my offer, and that the branding was displayed on every image.  I also made it crystal clear to the customer that I was a British company and the branding was designed in the UK, which again helped the customer to resonate with me and my brand, resulting in me getting the sales, and my competition losing out.


To try and drive hype and social proof for my Amazon FBA product, just prior to launch I emailed 10 or so different influencers and magazines and blogs, and asked them if they’d like to review my product for free. In the end I sent around 5 units out for free, and with no additional compensation I was able to get my product featured in two top 10 lists that appear in Google search when you search for my product niche. This one was pretty instrumental in getting me that boost in additional sales, and the great thing about it was that I got that boost for free.

Getting your product into blogs and into influencers hands is really easy to do and provided that you can find an angle for your product and think of why the journalist or influencer should promote it, there’s no reason why they’d turn down a free product to take a look at at the very least. As a result of them featuring my product, I was able to add the magazines logos onto my listing, further driving my product’s credibility sales.

Amazon FBA Conclusion

So those are the exact strategies that I followed to get a brand new Amazon FBA product on Amazon to generate me over £50,000 in a single month – which you can do too.

Without stating the obvious remember with any product that you find that you need to ensure that the product has demand, otherwise this strategy won’t work as you’ll be employing these techniques to the benefit of no-one. But if you can find something with demand and start doing what you can to increase your conversion as much as possible, there’s no reason why you can’t also experience what its like to sell a product that flies off Amazon’s virtual shelves within your first few months of selling.

If you want to be guided step by step through the entire process with my help, check out the Smashers Academy which has recently just had a refresh and contains all of my latest strategies and tips. I hope you got value from this video, enjoy your week and I will see you next time.

You can also check out my free training on Amazon FBA here.

Oh, and if you need more tips on product research, check out my article on how to perform Amzon FBA product research effectively here.

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