I Did Product Research For You And Found These Product Niches on Amazon!

I Did Amazon FBA Product Research For You... Here's What I Found!

Check These Product Niches On Amazon:

The hardest part of Amazon FBA is getting through the product research stage without wanting to throw yourself out of the nearest window. Finding a product for a lot of people isn’t just hard – it’s impossible, so to help you guys get over your analysis paralysis, I’m going to be running through a number of product niches on Amazon that I think look pretty attractive for a new Amazon FBA seller.

I’ll be running through what it is about each niche that I found attractive when I was doing product research and give my rationale as to why I think it could be worth a deeper dive, and if you agree with analysis – you can do some more research of your own and you never know you may find your winning Amazon FBA product!

Product #1: Mug Storage Box

A product on Amazon that has an insane level of demand that you’d probably never think of without the help of a tool like AMZ Scout is a mug storage box. It’s a product that sounds boring as hell doesn’t it – a container box that people use to stop their beloved mugs from getting cracked and damaged. But generally speaking, it’s the boring products that you want to go after because nobody else is interested in selling them. And boring as they may be, these things are absolutely flying on Amazon, making sellers from $20,000 to $30,000 a month.

And with each unit costing as little as $2 to $3 per unit to be made, you can bet that many of sellers are making at least a 20% profit margin, which for the top seller in the niche is a nice $20,000 a month in profits. Not bad.

So, what else attracted me to this niche and why do I think it’s worth further exploring? Well firstly, when you scroll through all of the results, you’ll notice that pretty much every product looks the same – there’s just no differentiation.

Customers love to have a bit of choice, and I’m sure after a bit of research you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that different colour options would go down quite well. Additionally, reviews across a lot of sellers complained of some storage compartments as being too small for a standard sized coffee mug, which seems like an easy fix for somebody that lives in the west and knows how big our mugs are compared to a china tea cup.

So the mug storage box is one that I think certainly warrants a deeper look into.

Product #2: Crab Crackers

Crab crackers – probably not a product that you’ve ever considered selling before, but if you’re an Amazon FBA seller looking for a something that can make you a bit of cash – then this could be the one for you – these things are killing selling like hot cakes. Loading up AMZ Scout shows us that thousands of people are buying these, with one seller alone shifting over 3,500 units in a single month.

The price point for these sits at an attractive $20, and a quick browse of the supplier list indicates you could get these manufactured for around $3 to $4, which after Amazon’s fees and expenses is likely leaving the top seller with a monthly profit of $15,000.

I thought this niche looked pretty attractive for somebody that knows what they’re doing – not only because the listings are poor quality and the brand names all suck but this is the type of product that you could start selling with your newly created brand before expanding into other sea food related product adjacencies.

Looking at customer reviews also gives the impression that the quality on offer at the moment isn’t great, which for me, is another thumbs up that this niche is one that’s worth further consideration if you’re looking for something to sell on Amazon. 

Product #3: Water Bottle organisers

As a long term Amazon FBA seller, I’ve seen hundreds of people attempt to launch water bottles onto Amazon – with most not succeeding because the niche is just too saturated and doesn’t offer any scope to differentiate. But one related product niche that does seem to have this opportunity is the water bottle organiser niche – another product that most wouldn’t think of when doing their Amazon FBA product research, but thanks to AMZ Scout,  I was able to find it and come to the conclusion that it looks kinda attractive.

Customers are snapping these things up, with the top seller generating $90k a month and other sellers doing around $40,000 a month on average. When we look up suppliers for this type of product, we can quickly estimate that the manufacturing cost per unit is around $2, meaning that the top sellers in this niche are likely making a 15% to 20% margin, taking home $10,000 to $15,000 a month in profits. So this niche has got demand, it’s looking like it’ll have the right economics – but what else?

Well, first of all – all of these designs look pretty boring and cheap don’t they. Probably not the sort of thing that looks great on a kitchen counter, so one route to set yourself apart from the crowd would be to change the design and make it have a more modern look. Browsing through a number of these listings, we can see that they’re poorly written. And when coupled with the weird Chinese brand names, just make the product look pretty cheap and nasty – which someone in the know could easily improve upon in order to convince the customer to buy.

There you have it – water bottle organisers – another boring product, but one that’s worth further investigation.


So, if you’ve been doing your product research and been getting frustrated with how long it’s taken you – take a look at these ideas and any that are similar, and consider whether they’re worth you selling. Regardless of whether these ideas work or not, hopefully me walking through my justification for each has been helpful and shows you the general thought process that I go through when quickly assessing products.

If you feel like you’re still not getting the hang of product research, then one option is to outsource the process to somebody else. You can find people that are willing to hunt for products for you on sites such as Fiverr or Upwork, or if you want an experienced company to do it for you then you can use AMZ Scout, who offer a tailored service where they will send you 5 exclusive product ideas that their experts have vetted for the marketplace that you want to sell in – if you’re interested in that kind of service, check the link below for more details.

Just make sure that regardless of whatever product people recommend, you still do your own anlaysis and you verify that it’s profitable– and if you’re not sure how to calculate your profit, ask an accountant such as Osome, who will help you understand exactly what it is to the penny!

Now that you have some ideas for your Amazon FBA product research, read up on what products to avoid selling on Amazon.

If you want to learn how you can create an Amazon FBA business yourself, then check out my free training where I’ll teach you everything you need to launch your first product on Amazon and scale to $5,000+ in monthly profit.

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